A product can only stay on the market if the price-performance ratio is right for the customer and the manufacturer has production processes, including costs and
subcontractor under control. I support you in product development and keep an eye on the entire system chain.

Data Rate
High refresh rates, maximum number of pixels and bit depth are great keywords.
Taking into account standard interfaces and available computing power and their
costs, an optimization of the data rate quickly becomes necessary.


Luminous intensity, resolution, precision and accuracy of an edge detection
Energy efficiency (luminous intensity) and the number of pixels that resolve an imaged edge depend on the pixel size and the f-number of the optics. Considering the noise in the image, there is an ideal number of pixels to detect an edge with maximum precision. However, the accuracy depends on other factors such as the residual error of the distortion correction.

Suppliers and Manufacturing
When selecting the system components, existing and potential manufacturing and supplier competencies must be taken into account. Since nobody likes to talk about the limits of their own abilities, a constructive approach is necessary. For example, shifting individual tolerances in a tolerance chain can deliver the same result and enable production with established processes.


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