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Your optics technician for photonic systems in Buchs

Welcome to the Optical Consulting GmbH. my name is Dr. Zehnder.

I support you:

  • With developing Photonic Systems

  • By Applying Photonic Systems

  • With entering Photonic Systems


A product can only stay on the market if the price-performance ratio is right for the customer and the manufacturer has production processes, including costs and his subcontractors under control.

I support you in product development with an awareness of the entire system chain.


The quality of calculations depends on the underlying data and the manufacturing processes depend on the quality of production metrology.

I support the development and application of optical measuring equipment and the evaluation of the right measurement service provider, including test planning and verification of the

Design & Analysis

The design of imaging optics and lighting optics are just as much a part of my skills as the analysis of existing optical systems.